Thursday, April 16, 2015

A birthday in Seattle

This year I got to turn forty four in Seattle with the Ramsdell family. I love my sister Jodie and her family. My actual birthday day was just me and my sister....and it was fabulous!!!
when enjoyed the day hanging out, getting our toes done and the evening with the family.

Lunch at one of Jodie's favorites
 These two sneaking teenagers thought it would be funny to load the cake with 44 candles

The first of many selfies on this visit

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Random Holiday Activities

December contained a variety of activities that were enjoyed.

 Since Charles and I both enjoy peppermint bark...we decided that we would make our own.
It was a little more challenging than planned...but the final product was quite delicious

 a selfie with the snowman at our ward Christmas dinner
 another selfie at the Not So Silent Night Christmas concert
bands featured-Blue October, OAR, Ingrid Michealson, Daughtrey and Train.
 tickets purchased for this hottie who likes Train
 My mom is the coolest mom that you can ask for...
she has always been in touch with the music her kids listen to
 probably going to be my last concert for awhile with my concert mate Kaitlin
(as she is embarking on nursing school life)

we heard about this recipe on one of the morning shows and decided that we had to try it
 Charles cooked up a delicious pork loin dinner 
Enjoying the drive out to the ranch

Emily's Birthday Events

Emily is one of those lucky enough to have a birthday so close to the holidays. It is hard to make the day special...but I think we succeeded. Charles took Emily out to dinner for some daddy daughter time. I enjoyed dinner with Miss Abigail. We then all met up for some yummy Sweet Sammies ice cream sandwiches and an excursion to Sundance Square.

 Emily celebrating her 11th birthday
 Sweet Miss Abbey
 Charles' sweet girls and woman
 The Thomason clan
 Love this holiday picture
 Picture says it all
 this young lady ate a double double


 I was lucky enough to be off work the weekend before Christmas and both Christmas Eve and day. I joined Charles and the girls at his parents ranch on the weekend where we attended Christmas service at the local Presbyterian Church...and they joined my family for Christmas.

 A rare picture of both me and my mom. Love her!!!
 me with the Thomason clan
 Christmas service picture
 goofing around
 not our best picture...but a happy memory
 bright and 4AM early for Santa Claus and gifts
 My parents and their new kids
A family picture that is missing eight of us

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Soaking Up Axel Ryan Time

My old Friday pal is leaving me soon as he and his parents are relocating to North Dakota. I have been trying to spend lots of time with this little guy...and we have chalked up a few more memories.

 The armbands once belonged to Nathaniel J.. I think it is fun to see someone sport them around.

 I was invited to little mans Lego birthday party...and of course we had to do a selfie

Who is the kid behind the mask?

 Thinking this is pre-party goofiness

 I was invited to fill in for grandparents day at Axel's school

 Charles and Axel being creative with Lego's

I am totally afraid that Axel Ryan will forget me and we will lose our special connection. Stephanie assures me that this won't happen. I created a special gift for him which will hopefully help. I am so grateful that Brody and Stephanie have trusted me to be an active part of Axels life thus far.

Thanksgiving at home

Thanksgiving in Kelly's life usually consists of working, going out to eat with The Thomas Family or going to Georgia. This year I spent the day with my family....and I forgot to take a picture of all of us.  I really did enjoy the time spent with my parents and eating their delicious food! I also really enjoyed time with Sally, Joel (her fiancĂ©), Hunter and the boys. This is also the first Thanksgiving that Charles and I spent together...however...his second Thanksgiving with my parents.

 Love me some turkey...well my moms turkey soup from leftovers
 I love this picture

Next year the day will be spent in the ED again....