Sunday, October 26, 2008

not quite the planned halloween party

It started out as friends were coming to the planned party. nates parties are always a hit
hunter the candy corn fairy and mary the bumble bee
they came to take pictures
peyton the cute chef and bailey the cat
obviously on this night his only true friends as they showed up on time and brought pizza
matt, mark and issaac finally showed up an hour late (when the girls had to leave)
well, the next time nate has a party, he may want to make sure the band is in town
(as many of his invites are in band....and well the band was in odessa)

they wound up playing video games and out of costume...and all was ok since that is what these guys really like to do!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

an addition to the house

miss k who is 9 came to live with us this past monday night. she came as a foster placement only and could leave us as early as next thursday or stay as long as jan. we are not sure yet. and having adoption as our goal, why we felt inspired to accept k is puzzling to me. her history is sad and the court system does not do these children any justice....strictly about family reunification no matter the price. sad!

miss k is overall a very happy girl who has seen far too much in her young life. i think she has some unofficial adhd going on. i awoke this morning sick physically and emotionally of what i committed too. she is not good at going to sleep and has been a huge struggle these first 2 nights. she has probably never had any routine or positive discipline. i found myself doubting my ability and patience. almost wanting to give up before we have even got started in a routine and our lives at this time.

when i awoke i found myself pleading with heavenly father on what i did and all of my feelings that i have had over the past year. i thought please take her now because i can not do this.... i was able to grab half a second with steve, concerned about when i go back to work (as that needs to be soon), saying how are you going to be able to do this bed time fight, getting her up and ready in the morning on top of all of his stuff. reply: i will just do it. whats the big deal. really he is right. breakfast is done, hair is combed and we are in the car and i think...that was not so bad. i am a complete emotional freak questioning what is meant to be or not. and then i think (and really know) that i am afraid of the attachment that i will form.

so as the day progresses, we will take it one hour at at time.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

menopause the musical

all i can say is hysterical and that this play brought tears to our eyes!!! well worth every penny spent on tickets. next time it is in town.....don't hesitate to go :)