Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Picasa Header Tutorial

I have been wanting to update the look of my blog now for a while, so tonight I decided to create a new header. I have used this tutorial from Clover Lane twice now. Sarah (creator of this site) has it so easily illustrated. It still took me quite a bit of time as it has been awhile since I have been on Picasa (still learning). Hopefully, I will be able to figure out a few more things to change....and maybe even be able to eventually link this back to her.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday

For Easter Sunday this year, we invited the Thomas Family, along with  my family, to come over for some good food and company. We were even lucky enough to have the weather cooperate and let us enjoy a couple of hours in the back yard. 

 The boys searching for eggs 
 Trent and Nathan were antisocial and engaged in some gaming
 Mom and Sally socializing 
Diego and daddy
 (Antonio purposely avoiding camera)

I love sitting on my deck and was happy to have others share it with me {giddy}. However, I realized some more furniture is needed. Maybe that will happen in the future.

Easter Egg Time

I had the kids come over the Friday before Easter to color eggs. I love doing crafts and traditions for just about every main holiday. So I am very pleased that some family members do not gain as much pleasure. Especially since Nathan is so done with egg coloring {frown}.

 Some brotherly bonding
 Diego is like many of the guys in our family....they don't know how to smile
 Hunter dyeing her fingers green
 Damon with a tad of drama
Oscar showing off the egg he left soaking in orange

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Stockyards with our Georgia visitors

This weekend, my Uncle Scott and his family (Stephanie and Jackson) came to visit us and check out some Texas sites. So today we made it to the Stockyards for the historic cattle drive, shops and Riskys BBQ.

 Pamela and Nathan joined us today
Pam had never really been here before

Dad, Damon, Pam, Nathan and Hunter

 Pam made sure her Dublin bottle was in all of her pictures

Scott and Hunter decided that they would each ride the bull if the other did. 
I think they both stayed on longer than 10 seconds

Damon and Jackson both gave the bull a sad attempt

 Scott and Stephanie playing with guns

Mom, Hunter, Stephanie and me playing with the guns

 Hunter, Wild Bill and Damon
just a little sibling rivalry

Stephanie, Brody and Axel with his longhorn balloon hat

Seattle Highlights

Last week, I made my yearly visit to Jodie and her family. This trip and last year both happened to be in April. Mostly lovely wet weather and one 50 degree day to end the visit. We don't usually plan anything big to do and this year the kids were on Spring break leaving the hours open. So it wound up that we decided to eat our way around Washington (as my Aunt Kandy had posted on Facebook). 

Here are some highlights of the week:

We went rollerskating until we couldn't stand all the little kids that kept falling.
Our only real exercise for the week. 

 Tuesday was Jodie and George's anniversary and they went out to dinner 

 I took Jenna and Jake to McDonald's

We had planned on going to zumba,  however decided frozen yogurt would be better 

 Seattle's gum wall

 Lunch at Ivars. George met us on his lunch hour.

 I wanted to buy some lovely flowers, but didn't think they would make the flight too well.
Taking advantage of the nice weather.

Yes...we ate our way around Washington: Barneys pastrami (to die for), Cristiano's Italian, Teddys Burgers, Frozen yogurt, Famous Daves for BBQ nachos, Ivars for fish-n-chips. We also watched a few movies, did some shopping and hung out with Jenna and Jake.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Nathan is headed to....

It was around this time last year that Nathan and the parents started the college search. We traveled to Iowa and Illinois with Nathan being totally against a Texas school. We toured some great states and campuses. Nathan has been recruited by some people very good at their jobs. Nathan was accepted into all of his schools to which he applied. Iowa had been the plan from the beginning. The original first pick was wiped out early...as they wouldn't cough up enough of an incentive. A second trip back to Iowa, landed Nathan a pretty good financial package to the school to which I was sure he would pick....against my real desire. It wasn't until the end of December, that we had convinced Nathan to pick a state school as a back up. And last minute it was....as we scrambled to get everything submitted in time to be considered for financial awards. And then a trip to Houston for a tour of the campus and reception for the Honors College.

I was nervous (and still am) as to how we were/are going to help pay for this soon to be experience. But, I really wanted to have Nathan closer to me. To remain in Texas, to where it would be easier to come home or for me to see him. I was afraid of the grants going away at the private school and not being able to help with the difference. But, I/we wanted Nathan to make the decision on his own. And he did....and I know it was not an easy one.


Nathan chose the University of Houston and the Honors College. The dorm application has been submitted, the math placement test is done and Honors Summit application completed. This week will be signing up for new student orientation and hopefully two last scholarships that will come through. Then it is time to breathe a SIGH of relief for a few months with the college topic.

Swim Banquet 2011

Last night was Nathan's final swim team banquet. It was very bittersweet for me. This was something that I looked forward to planning and putting on since the start of the year. However, it was not my destiny to put on the banquet, as the coach ended up with different plans. Anyways, after a bit of drama, I relinquished my role and planning and succumbed to the rumors and accusations that flew. Coaches vindictiveness did not end there, as she would not let three of the captains help with the planning or make the paper plate awards. Thank goodness Steve could not take anymore swim drama and kept Nathan at bay by not allowing him to do his "Paper Nate Awards". That could have been bad.

It was also bittersweet, as it means never going to the pool and watching my goofy son swim again. It is yet, another sign, that Nathan's senior year is coming to a close soon. And that means it is just that much closer to him leaving the home....{sob sob}.

With that being said....here are some pictures from the evening. Enjoy!

Nathan and Pam before the dinner started 
The Captains
Dani Linde, Tyler Ellzey, Pam Coyle, Nathan
Nathan and Coach Wang
receiving his senior gift
Nathan Berg, Nathan (Nate) Wadkins, Pam Coyle, Tyler
They all lettered last year and are receiving varsity plaques
Pam and Nathan received "The Cutest Couple" award (or something like that)
The Family Picture
Forgot at the actual banquet..but remembered when we got home