Sunday, April 10, 2011

Seattle Highlights

Last week, I made my yearly visit to Jodie and her family. This trip and last year both happened to be in April. Mostly lovely wet weather and one 50 degree day to end the visit. We don't usually plan anything big to do and this year the kids were on Spring break leaving the hours open. So it wound up that we decided to eat our way around Washington (as my Aunt Kandy had posted on Facebook). 

Here are some highlights of the week:

We went rollerskating until we couldn't stand all the little kids that kept falling.
Our only real exercise for the week. 

 Tuesday was Jodie and George's anniversary and they went out to dinner 

 I took Jenna and Jake to McDonald's

We had planned on going to zumba,  however decided frozen yogurt would be better 

 Seattle's gum wall

 Lunch at Ivars. George met us on his lunch hour.

 I wanted to buy some lovely flowers, but didn't think they would make the flight too well.
Taking advantage of the nice weather.

Yes...we ate our way around Washington: Barneys pastrami (to die for), Cristiano's Italian, Teddys Burgers, Frozen yogurt, Famous Daves for BBQ nachos, Ivars for fish-n-chips. We also watched a few movies, did some shopping and hung out with Jenna and Jake.

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  1. Sounds like my kind of trip. Glad you got to go again. What a fun aunt and sister!