Sunday, April 10, 2011

Stockyards with our Georgia visitors

This weekend, my Uncle Scott and his family (Stephanie and Jackson) came to visit us and check out some Texas sites. So today we made it to the Stockyards for the historic cattle drive, shops and Riskys BBQ.

 Pamela and Nathan joined us today
Pam had never really been here before

Dad, Damon, Pam, Nathan and Hunter

 Pam made sure her Dublin bottle was in all of her pictures

Scott and Hunter decided that they would each ride the bull if the other did. 
I think they both stayed on longer than 10 seconds

Damon and Jackson both gave the bull a sad attempt

 Scott and Stephanie playing with guns

Mom, Hunter, Stephanie and me playing with the guns

 Hunter, Wild Bill and Damon
just a little sibling rivalry

Stephanie, Brody and Axel with his longhorn balloon hat


  1. I love the stockyards. Fun way to spend an afternoon. Looks like everyone in your group had fun too. (Love the gun pics, lol)

  2. Oh, I want to ride the bull!! I loved Axel's long horns. What is Dublin? Soda?