Thursday, October 13, 2011

Girlfriend Times

Life is sometimes hard and full of unexpected challenges.  It is times like this when girlfriends need to stick together....and this is what Melissa did for me three weeks ago. No small feat when one has a special needs daughter and another in 1st grade. But some how the stars aligned and Melissa was able to arrange sitters and transportation for six days and a last minute trip to Texas.
we spent a crazy night with another friend and 16 other women driving around in an extended van
How one of them convinced their boyfriend to drive is beyond me
She arrived on a Friday evening and stayed for a long weekend and a variety of activities. Everything from appetizers, going on an all girl (19 in all)  night out on the town, shopping, site seeing and a lot of eating and talking.

Heather and i both like Fuzzys Taco's so we had to show it off to Melissa

Having two great friends here, Melissa had to occasionally divide her time. Then Heather and I also shared her together for some of the time...How special M must feel to be a wanted woman...hehe. But the company was fantastic and on our last evening out, Heather bought us dinner.

I was sad and teary eyed to send one of my best girlfriends back to Arizona. But how grateful I am that she came to spend some time fun time with me and to help me figure out the challenges to which I face.

A visit to the son and UH

It was family weekend at the University of Houston this past weekend. I was so excited to go see my college boy. Nathan has totally adapted to college life and his studies...and I do not think it is on his mind to come home and see his mother any time soon. Damon and I made the drive Friday morning and arrived after Nathan was done with class. Damon had never stayed in a hotel before and was totally thrilled. Friday we attended the BBQ and then watched Damon climb the rock wall. The evening was ended at the House of Pies.

That spec of a human is Damon conquering the wall

Saturday we arrived to get Nathan around his new time of functioning....noon. We participated in a text-message scavenger hunt. It was a neat way to see the whole campus....but I must say that Houstonis HUMID. We spent some time in the billiards hall and then made our way to the tailgate party. Totally crazy with people...Damon's name was drawn in a raffle...there were so many great prizes with quite a bit....and Damon won a girly picture frame and photo album. It was really quite funny. We ended the day at the first college football game for all of us. All I have to say is that I would go to one again. Nate...well he was bored stiff for the most part.  A late night dinner and we dropped the kiddo off to work on a paper.

Sunday Steve had to convince a RA to let him into the dorm so he could wake up our son. An odd thing as Nathan never used to sleep all day. Chilis for lunch and a drive to find a Super Cuts for Nathan and the weekend was over. I was sad to leave him once again....However...I do not think that Nathan could get rid of us quick enough. He is truly getting along well with this independence.

It was a hard down pour of rain all the way home. But a fun drive that will be filled with a few inside jokes. Damon was a very fun traveling partner...and well...he and Steve were quite a hoot.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Broken Foot

I went for a simple walk and my foot met a part of the sidewalk that should not have been there. Blunt force equals a broken foot and a torn ligament. No cast or surgery for socks allowed...and don't even think about trying to put a shoe on. It isn't going to happen any time soon.

My fancy tape job 

And lets not forget my stylish shoe for at least the next month.