Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A New Blog

Since life is starting anew, I decided to create a new blog. A place to share my new beginnings...challenges...and life as it unfolds. I hope that you will join me in part two of my life.

http://www.lifeparttwo.org/   {it may take 2-3 days for the link to work}.

In the mean time you can gain access by clicking here

Sunday, January 29, 2012

I lost my boot

My foot is starting to have good bone regrowth and so this past Wednesday the doctor told me that I could ditch the boot. What glorious words to hear. I have now been trying to learn how to re-walk while wearing two regular shoes. It has been a bit awkward...and at times I find my self tripping. And there is the issue of my foot really not fitting into too many of my shoes. This will resolve with time...but for the moment....I must say that I do not miss that boot.

Now maybe I will eventually be able to start exercising in the near future. My next appointment is in three weeks.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Blahs

Sometimes Sundays are...a bit BLAH...LONELY...and full of REFLECTION these days. They are a bit downright tough to muster through at times. I had been warned about this from a variety of single adults over the months {SIGH}. Today is a day that I get it.

I have been attempting to go to church. After all, I do have a handful of friends that have been a great support that I like to socialize with. I also enjoy singing the uplifting hymns. But let me tell you, most Sundays I could just pass on right now. Church is a place to watch families that are happy...pretend to be happy...remember the good times of my past life...reflect on the imperfections....and wonder what the future holds...blah blah blah.

I sent Nathan a text today letting him know that the house was too quiet. That Thumper and I missed him extra today. He replied back that he was pretty bored today also.

I have a lot of time on my hands right now (actually since my surgery). I am sure that after I get a new job, that I will look back and think the quietness of today would be lovely. I am sure that as I adjust to the choices that I have made...that I will eventually adapt.

But at this time...I wonder where one goes to find new friends {HMMM}.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Back to the grind...for some

Vacation has came to an end.... I am a little bummed. Yesterday, I did a marathon drive and took Nathan back to school. The car was loaded with plenty of water, pretzels, a new microwave (courtesy of grandma and grandpa), foot locker and plenty of pain meds, and whatever else he needed.
The drive down was pleasant. We saw a man and his kid riding a horse in the hospital district of Houston {weird}. Enjoyed a dinner together and made sure the kiddo was settled in. And somehow, I made it back without any new issue arriving.

Today, the house was again far too quiet...and...even Thumper was pouty all day. I started to rearrange/reorganize the house to keep distracted. It is definitely time to make it back to work. Hopefully, the foot continues to heal and a new job comes my way.

Friday, January 6, 2012

2 Days Post Fall

Yay! It is not my foot. Bummer! That Nathaniel decided to join me in the foot injury department. Yesterday, Nathan was seen by the surgical podiatrist...and I have to say thank goodness that we did not listen to the ER doctor like it was not a big deal. He has a crush fracture to the tip of the pinkie toe...will easily heal. He also has a crush fracture to the metatarsal joint...a little bit of a bigger deal. Since it is shattered into too many tiny pieces, there is nothing that can be done. Tape, ice and elevate at this time...time frame for some kind of healing is around 8 weeks...and expected arthritis later in life. The doctor wants to see him in about three weeks for some repeat xrays. I guess that is an expensive way to win a trip home from school for a weekend.

Nathan also has a very sore tailbone so we are guessing that he either fractured it or bruised it pretty good. Again...this is an injury that just takes time to heal. Yesterday, he felt like he was hit by a freight train...today he is feeling a bit better...as he is able to resume his computer gaming. The pain medications are a must.

All in all....the injuries are far better than what could have occurred. He will be sore for quite a while...but it will be a lot easier to take him back to school without having too many extra worries.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Nathans 12-15ft Fall

taken right after they removed the c-collar

The hole in the attic and the concrete where he landed

Today my heart just sank as I watched my son fall through the sheet rock of the attic and land flat on his back onto the concrete floor of the garage. His story is a tad different as he said he landed on his foot first....the story of how it happens does not really matter though. All I know is that he is 6 ft and 200lbs and hit hard.

Fortunately, after he landed the nurse side of me kicked in, and I was able to remain pretty calm while holding his neck and calling 911 and my dad for help. I knew he wasn't paralyzed as he could wiggle his fingers and toes. At this point, I thought for sure that his back had to be broke. The paramedics came and took over....then I cried...so that I could have it together when I arrived at the hospital.

Nathan was a trooper in the hospital...more annoyed that they removed his clothes. Then relieved that they removed the cervical collar after his head/neck CT was negative . Hours later, the xray of his back was negative and the xray of his foot showed a fracture. The doctor told us it was his pinky toe...but then when he went to get up...he could not put any pressure on his foot. The hospital was not concerned which really irked me as both a nurse and a mom. Fortunately, I was able to get him an appointment with my foot doctor tomorrow morning.

Today was Nathaniel's lucky day. So much bad could have occurred today. He should have broke his back and he didn't. I know that the Lord played apart of this miracle. Hopefully the foot turns out to not be a big deal as he is supposed to return to school late next week.