Friday, January 6, 2012

2 Days Post Fall

Yay! It is not my foot. Bummer! That Nathaniel decided to join me in the foot injury department. Yesterday, Nathan was seen by the surgical podiatrist...and I have to say thank goodness that we did not listen to the ER doctor like it was not a big deal. He has a crush fracture to the tip of the pinkie toe...will easily heal. He also has a crush fracture to the metatarsal joint...a little bit of a bigger deal. Since it is shattered into too many tiny pieces, there is nothing that can be done. Tape, ice and elevate at this time...time frame for some kind of healing is around 8 weeks...and expected arthritis later in life. The doctor wants to see him in about three weeks for some repeat xrays. I guess that is an expensive way to win a trip home from school for a weekend.

Nathan also has a very sore tailbone so we are guessing that he either fractured it or bruised it pretty good. Again...this is an injury that just takes time to heal. Yesterday, he felt like he was hit by a freight he is feeling a bit he is able to resume his computer gaming. The pain medications are a must.

All in all....the injuries are far better than what could have occurred. He will be sore for quite a while...but it will be a lot easier to take him back to school without having too many extra worries.

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  1. Ah poor Nate!! But I guess the good part about it is that you will get to see him in a few weeks.