Sunday, January 29, 2012

I lost my boot

My foot is starting to have good bone regrowth and so this past Wednesday the doctor told me that I could ditch the boot. What glorious words to hear. I have now been trying to learn how to re-walk while wearing two regular shoes. It has been a bit awkward...and at times I find my self tripping. And there is the issue of my foot really not fitting into too many of my shoes. This will resolve with time...but for the moment....I must say that I do not miss that boot.

Now maybe I will eventually be able to start exercising in the near future. My next appointment is in three weeks.


  1. Yay for being able to wear shoes again.

  2. HOORAY for being 'bootless' and back in your shoes! I bet you were doing the happy dance in your shoes, yes? :0)