Friday, December 26, 2008

December in a nutshell

well my pictures uploaded from christmas day to the start of the month. oh well the story is all the same.

the family portrait of everyone in seattle taken via the web cam. it was great, they watched us (mostly the kids) open gifts. at some point, we ended up playing some sort of game with them.
i can not leave out a good early picture of steve on christmas morning. i have to admit that i forgot to get a family picture of us on this dayme, nate and thumper were all full of smiles as santa was good to us! i am also happy to say that nate loved the hat i bought for him!

a few of the charger swimmers that showed up to the holiday party. they were playing a gift exchange game that involved moving the gifts different ways depending on the words in the story....all i can say is hysterical watching teenagers.

Nate convinced me to take him out of school to go see the tv show extreme makeover being filmed. it was supposed to be the "move that bus" episode. after the filming kept getting pooped out (too frozen) i was off back to the warm car. well it was not too much longer that nate followed as he said the taping was to be delayed even longer. oh well, we don't watch the show anyways.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

My family

I have not made a post in quite awhile. So I just thought I would post my six month late anniversary and early Christmas updated family photo. We had waited a couple of years thinking that we would have another addition to the family. does not always go as planned, so let me enjoy what appears to be a fine looking family for a least the photo shoot.
Life has been turbulent the last mood has been very attitude adjustment was definitely in order. besides personal trials, my sweet son has opened our eyes (especially mine) to a life of realizing teens (even good ones) can be defiant and not always make the best of decisions. i am learning to do two things....fight what you absolutely can't give up and compromise on the rest. thank goodness i have spoke with some other moms and have come to see that this is also the age. none the less...i love nate with all my heart. the joy he brings to me can not really be put into words.
As Christmas is fast approaching, I wish everyone joy in the season and calmness in their hearts. I look forward to blogging about the wadkins Christmas and reading about all of my friends.