Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Week Part Two

The second half of the week was a bit slower, just trying to keep busy while pleasing the masses.
Wednesday evening, while Nate was at work, we went to dinner at Apple Bees for dinner. Thursday morning we awoke to cold temps and awaited the snow that was to come. I spent the first part of the day learning to make moms pie crust and apple pie. While Steve was at work, Nathaniel and Grandpa Larry worked on the nova so Nate could have working heat. We continued our yearly tradition of spending Christmas Eve with the Thomas family. Always fun...a good spread of food and a game. We were all glad that Steve was the one driving in the Texas blizzard. Nate awoke us at 8 am for presents (I am sure it has been a long time since Larry had got up this early on Christmas morning). The family came over in the afternoon.
my pie crusts

let it snow..let it snow...let it snow

after all these years we got a Christmas Eve pic with the Thomas family
L-R Rod, Steve, Me, Jeannette, Nathaniel and Trent

Nate playing keep away the santa cap with his cousins

the box...Axels favorite gift

headlight from grandmas stocking

the pile of destruction

mom and I are always left out of pictures so I got one of mom
sorry mom...its not one of the best

Saturday, we went after Christmas shopping while Nate was at work. Pizza and bowling in the evening. Steve whooped all of us. Sunday was relaxation, Sherlock Holmes and one fantastic steak at Salt Grass. I believe that Larry was probably ready to go home to get some R&R.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Week Part one

Steve's dad Larry has come to celebrate Christmas with us this year. He only been to Texas one other time ( 2005 when Steve graduated from UNT). His first visit was short and sweet leaving no time for sites. Therefore, we had to make up for it with this visit. Larry arrived Saturday afternoon and it has been a whirlwind since then. Saturday evening we went to see the Radio City Spectacular with the Rockettes. The only picture we have is on my moms camera. I think we all gave it a thumbs up. Sunday evening, while Nathaniel was at work, we went to see Avatar in 3D (thumbs up again).

Having a teenage who now has a job, we have had to adapt our outings as to which ones Nathan would prefer to do during his off time. Monday evening (without Nate) we took Larry to the Fort Worth Stockyards. Everyone needs to see the cattle drive of the long horns at least once. And then we drove through Fort Worth for a tour of the city and sites.

Tuesday, we ventured to the Gaylord Hotel for the ICE exhibit. I had been real excited to do this with the guys (I had been a couple of years ago and loved it). Unfortunately, it was super crowded. Nate thought this exhibit was cool to look at but not worth the cost. I think Larry probably thought the same, but is way to polite to bust my happy bubble. Now, I know that Steve and I both enjoyed it.

Nate praising the Grinch

Nate looking like a bahumbug

Steve entering Who-ville

Larry looking jolly and maybe frozen

The nativity is one of my favorite parts of the ice exhibit
Again, without our son, we enjoyed Taco Tuesday with my parents and then came home to do nothing but lounge in front of bad television.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Festivities and the kids

Damon decided playing video games would be better than cookie decorating

Hunter and her friend Katie making chocolate goodies for her friends

Oscar and Diego decorating a table full of cookies

It was cold so we had a roaring fire and yummy candles burning
After church today, I went and picked up all the kids plus a friend. The younger guys decorated a ton of cookies and played Lego's. Hunter and Katie made chocolate goodies for gifts for her friends. Damon and Nathaniel played video and computer games. And my student husband was locked away in the office working on a research paper that is due tomorrow. I supervised, kept the loudness down, attempted to make the sad bow on my wreath and worked on my ornaments for the upcoming girl party.
This evening, we all went to mom and dads for ribs and family time. Grandma has been visiting from Georgia and we have all found ourselves at the parents home all at the same time a little more than normal. We did have a little drama at the start of dinner, as Damon started choking and I had to do the Heimlich on him. That was a first for me. He was fine, dinner was awesome and it all made for a great day.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree

The past two Christmas seasons have been a drag and it was all I could do to muster my way through. But this year is different and I am back to my old happy self. We awoke today to a cold snowy day and Nathaniel crawled into bed with me. We both fell back to sleep and upon awakening for real this time, we decided that he was already late for school. My negotiating son convinced me that he should just stay home and take care of some business. A sucker I can be agreed, as long as we could get our tree decorated a day early.
We did have some business to take care of starting with going out for pancakes, buying some fancy paper from Hobby Lobby (English project) and Nate working on getting caught up on his seminary. Realizing we needed a was time to decorate.
Now this tree, Nate and I have tried to toss out the last two years (hoping to get a new one) and Steve always managed to bring it back from the curb. Disgusted we started putting up the ornaments and reminiscing of each memory and I suddenly realized the tree was not so bad. All the memories that it held. The tree itself also did not look too bad, with the exception of needing a tree topper, and we have not had one of those for most of our time in Texas. I will not place the tree on the curb this year in hopes that it will last through Nathaniel's senior year.
Happy early merry Christmas to all my friends and family!