Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Festivities and the kids

Damon decided playing video games would be better than cookie decorating

Hunter and her friend Katie making chocolate goodies for her friends

Oscar and Diego decorating a table full of cookies

It was cold so we had a roaring fire and yummy candles burning
After church today, I went and picked up all the kids plus a friend. The younger guys decorated a ton of cookies and played Lego's. Hunter and Katie made chocolate goodies for gifts for her friends. Damon and Nathaniel played video and computer games. And my student husband was locked away in the office working on a research paper that is due tomorrow. I supervised, kept the loudness down, attempted to make the sad bow on my wreath and worked on my ornaments for the upcoming girl party.
This evening, we all went to mom and dads for ribs and family time. Grandma has been visiting from Georgia and we have all found ourselves at the parents home all at the same time a little more than normal. We did have a little drama at the start of dinner, as Damon started choking and I had to do the Heimlich on him. That was a first for me. He was fine, dinner was awesome and it all made for a great day.


  1. What a fun aunt! I love Christmas and I cannot wait to decorate Christmas cookies!!!

  2. Your fire place looks nice. I want some yummy chocolate treats.

  3. What a fun day but my question is... if it is so cold, why are those boys shirtless????