Tuesday, July 26, 2011

California family

   Part of my reasoning for my impromptu trip to California was just to hide from life. Well, I guess that is only somewhat possible when you have a tendency to post on facebook. 
My Aunt Kandy had seen one of my posts while I was on the sand and contacted me asking if we could have a visit. Not a real easy thing to arrange on such a short stay. After working out the details, we were able to spend the evening together. We had a nice drive along PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) in her convertible.....LOVED IT! We then picked up my cousin Becky and her little Libby and headed for a very tasty dinner at Pickup Stix. We finished the evening off at her house with a nice visit with my Uncle Terry. The conversation seemed so one-sided {all about me and my family} plus a nice quick version from Becky's husband Brad. 
I really enjoyed being able to spend the evening with good food, conversation and family that I don't see nearly enough.

Girl Time in Balboa

Last week I was lucky enough to go visit one of my best girlfriends (at her parents beach house) in Balboa. Three days and four nights was definitely not long enough...especially when we haven't seen each other in three years. Sadly, airfare just would not cooperate with a longer trip. 

The weather was in the mid 70's....a nice break from the heat wave we are having here in Texas. I was actually pretty cold at night and had to sleep with a sweatshirt.

Our days and nights were packed with everything from eating Mexican, dancing, painting seashells, walking the peninsula and visiting an old friend and family.

Tessa and her fabulous personality
Tessa and  I spent time together looking for crabs...taking walks...and just acting silly like almost six year olds and crazy adults do.

We went to the beach one afternoon to play in the waves and sand. I totally miss being close to the ocean. Tessa and I had a blast. Melissa stayed beach side and took pictures. Hopefully some will come my way after her vacation is over.
Devon (Phoebes aid), Melissa and me
a little goofy in the late night hours
Stacy and me on the waterfrontold high school friends
Stacy and I had reconnected this last year on facebook. I contacted her last minute from the airport to say I was headed her way. I was one lucky girl as she was able to pick me up one afternoon for a nice catching up session.
the crew at the Balboa Candy Store
we definitely spent a lot of time here

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July Activities thus far

Summer has not been anything that I had hoped and planned for. I had wanted to take Nathan on a graduation cruise (just he and I). Financially, I just could not swing it {frown}. I then wanted to at least hit a semi local zipline....just became a little too complicated. AND then..quite frankly....Nathan is just too busy doing whatever it is he seems to be doing before he is off to school {frown again}. So this is my summer highlight as of now.....
Damon and his aunt goofing around with our sunglasses at night
An awesome doctor at work spontaneously gave me tickets to the Ranger game and it was fireworks night. We had fantastic seats for the show.
Aunt Kelly and the boys
I went to a local park with my parents and all the nephews for an early fourth of July fireworks show. I love this picture.
Nathans future bed
Last weekend, we went to Houston so Nathan could attend freshman orientation and get registered for classes. It was a long two days, but the kiddo is officially enrolled in 5 classes... no easy feat since he is coming in with a good chunk of core classes out of the way. He is now just awaiting his dorm assignment. I wonder how he will adjust from a full bed back to a twin?

So between work and these activities I am aching for a different type of getaway....hopefully one will be on the horizon.