Tuesday, July 26, 2011

California family

   Part of my reasoning for my impromptu trip to California was just to hide from life. Well, I guess that is only somewhat possible when you have a tendency to post on facebook. 
My Aunt Kandy had seen one of my posts while I was on the sand and contacted me asking if we could have a visit. Not a real easy thing to arrange on such a short stay. After working out the details, we were able to spend the evening together. We had a nice drive along PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) in her convertible.....LOVED IT! We then picked up my cousin Becky and her little Libby and headed for a very tasty dinner at Pickup Stix. We finished the evening off at her house with a nice visit with my Uncle Terry. The conversation seemed so one-sided {all about me and my family} plus a nice quick version from Becky's husband Brad. 
I really enjoyed being able to spend the evening with good food, conversation and family that I don't see nearly enough.

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  1. Ahh, I miss pick up Stix. Whenever I go to CA I go to Pick up Stix.