Sunday, July 25, 2010

Back up your blog

The other night, my heart sank after I hit a wrong key on the computer (not really knowingly) and my blog was lost in the horrible internet universe. All the memories and work that went into it....GONE. Fortunately, I had read the importance of doing the very simple task of backing up your blog. I had done this sometime back in June. I was able to import this file....hooray!!! Sadly, I had only lost all of summer, along with my blog being reinstalled in the new blogger form. And might I add, that I am not a BIG fan of the new blogger program. But this was better than losing the whole lot of posts.

The next day, still really bummed, I set forth on one last attempt to find my original blog. Success...i found it, but yet again, in the new blogger form. Happily, I frequent a variety of blogging sites often to learn tricks of the fascinating world. And I was able to return my blog to its old layout.

Thanks to Sneaky Momma Blog Design, I have learned a lot of helpful tips and needful advice. Hop over to Sneaky Momma to learn how easy it is to Back Up your blog.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A long layover in Atlanta

Our flight had a scheduled three hour layover in Atlanta (not leaving enough time to visit grandma)....that turned into an eight hour layover (would have been enough time to visit grandma). Sigh!!! What a horrible airport to hang out in for that long. Not really any shops and overpriced food even for an airport. Luckily, we had plopped our weary bodies in front of a television and got to watch rerun after rerun of HLN. We could resite the stories by the end of our stay. Thankfully, we were all able to keep our patience in check. I knew it was becoming hard for Nathaniel as he was becoming extra loving to mom....Hey, I'll take the attention when and where he will give it. But, man, I was glad to finally get on that plane and land back in Texas.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Sunday we left Rochester NY and headed to part of Steve's old mission region in Pittsburgh PA. Linner was at the world famous Primanti Brothers and then it was a drive through the city. We were here about 5-6yrs ago with the kids and I had taken their picture by the fountain at the point. I was excited to take a picture of them again in the same spot. To my disappointment, the fountain was under construction and completely gated much for my picture.

We drove a couple of the bridges. Had contests of holding our breath while driving threw the tunnels. Listened to Steve reminisce and ended the day with some more fantastic views of the city.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hill Cumorah Pageant

Saturday we were back in upper state New York to take in a few church sites and to see the Hill Cumorah Pageant in Palmyra. To get a good seat, we had to arrive about four hours early. The kids were less than thrilled to have to wait outside for so long. Too bad for them, this was something that we have wanted to take Nathaniel to see before he left our nest.

The story line is taken from the Bible and the Book of Mormon and depicts the history of the rise and fall of the inhabitants of this continent and the visit of Jesus Christ. The stage. lighting, costumes and special effects. Well worth making a part of our trip. In the end, Nathan enjoyed the production.

Nate taking a nap

The view from the top of Hill Cumorah

Towards the ending of the play

After the production and while walking back to the car, Hunter got to experience her first anti-Mormonism protest. Fortunately, it did not ruin the mood.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Canada EH!

We left the heat wave of New York to come to the down pour of Niagara Falls. However, we all agreed that it was better to suffer the heat of NYC rather than walking the streets wet in storms. Steve had purchased us the Adventure Pass which included the Maid of the Mist, Journey Behind the Falls, White Water Walk and Niagara's Fury.

Maid of the Mist was the most exciting and wet of the attractions. This is the reason why you go to the falls. It is exhilarating to get that close to the falls...expect to get drenched. Getting wet here added to the rainy day. The walk was fun and provided an up close view to the level 6 waves. There was also a gum wall...and yes we let Hunter leave her DNA with all of the previous gum chewers. The journey behind the falls was pretty neat as it gave us some different angles to visualize. Nathan liked this attraction the least. He thought that it should really take  you behind the falls with a clear picture of the water. Niagara's Fury was a mixture of animation and motion picture of the creation of the falls. I liked it...and despite what Nathan will say....he was caught laughing.

The food was outrageously expensive and it was hard for me to grasp the cost of dinner here. Steve knew we were still hungry and the local DQ was in order for dessert. Hunter shopped for her hoodie and then her and Nathan retired for the night. Steve and I ventured back to the falls for a great fireworks show and a walk. The rain had finally stopped and the night sky was clear.

I just liked this picture

We awoke to perfect weather and were able to get a whole different view of the falls. And it made for a nice drive back into Rochester, NY.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Empire State Building and our last day

We made it to Wednesday and we are still physically alive. The heat beat us down and naps were in order every day. Hunter and I had planned to go back to the Today Show again....did not make it. We all managed to get out of bed at somewhat of a decent hour. We hit a local diner for brunch...nothing to brag about. Made one last stop at the Nintendo store and then took the subway to some last minute sites.

We went to the Twin Tours site (now all construction) and the small memorial exhibit. Then it was up to China Town so Hunter could buy a couple of purses (Steve had to help her cut the deals).

Then it was off to the Empire State Building for the real views. It was late enough in the day that there was not much of a line. So many pictures and different views taken. This should be a must on any first timers trip to NYC.

It was late and again long overdue for some food. We ended our last night and meal with a large pizza pie...yummm.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Girls and Guys go seperate ways

Tuesday night we had to split up. Nathan really wanted to go to some old school arcade in China town and Hunter wanted to shop. So the guys went one way and we went another. Hunter and I went to Time Square for dinner and some girl time. We walked the streets...attempted to get a glance at some stars (no luck), played in Toys R us, M&M store and Forever 21. Ripley's Believe It or Not took my $33.00 and a couple hours of our evening. The lights, action and billboards all make for an adrenaline rush. Enjoy some of our pictures from the night.

Empire State Building

We bought tickets to the Statue of Liberty prior to our trip. In fact about two months prior and we were only able to get tickets for the pedestal (the crown had already been booked through August). In the end it was a good thing, because I thought that my lungs were going to burst walking up the 130+ steps. It is 354 steps to the crown. I highly recommend buying these tickets ahead of time as it kept us out of the 1-2 hour wait for the ferry.

The ferry ride to and from is just beautiful. And the view from the pedestal is fantastic. The museum inside was easy to follow, but the kids were bored with the reading pretty quick. We were able to take a lot of great pictures of the city. The picture of  the four of us in front of the original torch.

I took over 500 pictures of our trip and will post a link when I once I get them transferred to a photo site.