Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hill Cumorah Pageant

Saturday we were back in upper state New York to take in a few church sites and to see the Hill Cumorah Pageant in Palmyra. To get a good seat, we had to arrive about four hours early. The kids were less than thrilled to have to wait outside for so long. Too bad for them, this was something that we have wanted to take Nathaniel to see before he left our nest.

The story line is taken from the Bible and the Book of Mormon and depicts the history of the rise and fall of the inhabitants of this continent and the visit of Jesus Christ. The stage. lighting, costumes and special effects. Well worth making a part of our trip. In the end, Nathan enjoyed the production.

Nate taking a nap

The view from the top of Hill Cumorah

Towards the ending of the play

After the production and while walking back to the car, Hunter got to experience her first anti-Mormonism protest. Fortunately, it did not ruin the mood.

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