Friday, July 2, 2010

New York City here we come

We leave in two days for the Big Apple, Upper State New York (Palmyra Pageant), Niagara Falls and Pittsburgh, PA. The important details have been hammered out and reserved. Ideas have been jotted down and placed in the forefront of my head. Husband has already started the trip and is to meet us on the other end. The house is finally cleaned somewhat to my satisfaction (Yes, I am one of those, who can't stand leaving on a vacation with a house not in order). Hunter is just about packed up....she had a checklist of which pieces would be worn together (I was quite impressed at her organization). Helped Nathaniel pack ( he needs some last minute shopping).

Now if only I could get myself packed for the nine days we will be gone. I have started to pack, but can not decide which (or how many shoes) to bring. I would like to just wear flip flops....but happen to be smart enough to know they are not appropriate for all activities....Such Dilemmas. This is always the worst part of packing for me. It TOTALLY puzzles my son.

I felt under the weather today...thank goodness for one last day. Nathan works the first part of the day and with the house in satisfactory condition....I need to be focused and knock out some serious last minute packing and planning. And then NYC here we come.


  1. Wishing you a wonderful time on vacation...remember to take lots of photos!!! :)