Monday, July 5, 2010

The Today Show, city tour and Avenue Q

Hunter and I (the guys bailed on us) got up about 5:30am to go see the Today Show being taped. We thought being there that early we would have had our prime pick of where to stand. NOT so lucky. We did have a spot behind the cooking segment where we were told that we were on TV quite a bit. I wish I could see it...but the teenage son forgot to set the DVR.

Amy Robach and us

We spent most of the morning watching the Today Show staff cook this chefs food only for her to come out and take credit

Since it was the holiday weekend, the main crew was on vacation themselves. Sad for me, as I had brought Matt Lauer a gift. We were able to meet Amy Robach and snap a quick picture. Lester Holt and the weather guy kept walking right past us. Who needs their picture anyways. We had a hoot with the people around us. After we left and arrived back at the hotel...we turned on to see that Kathy Lee and Hoda had on one of the twilight stars. Hunter was a bit bummed. However, it was time to get ready for our bus tour around this busy city.

We took a City Sites bus tour of down town area. It was stinking HOT!!!  Somehow we managed to plan our trip when the city decided to have their hottest heat wave since the early 1980's.  This was a great way to see a majority of the areas which we would not be able to see in such a short time and get the history with it. We did get off at one of the wharf areas for a quick break (they happened to be having a Texas tour in this area) and pick up our tickets for our Off Broadway show that night.

Nathaniel had begged to see this and I caved in. This would not have been my first or even second choice. But I must admit that I laughed throughout a majority of the show as the premis "it sucks to be me" was quite funny...but I strongly caution anyone who wants to see this musical that it is definately not kid appropriate. Infact, there is about 20 mins that I found quite unnecessary and inapproriate. But who can make a trip to New York and not see a musical.

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  1. You should be used to that heat, being from TX and all. I wish I could have seen you on the Today show-I agree with Hunter bummer you had to leave before the Twilight star was on.