Sunday, July 4, 2010

And we are off...

Hunters first ever plane ride

With Steve already on his way to NYC (he left for a detour a few days prior)...the three of us had to fly and transfer to the hotel on our own. Happily we made it alive! And might I say, those taxi drivers are completely insane. We got acquainted with our nice sized room and hit the pavement for our adventures to begin.

There were so many activities packed into this vacation that the only logical way to record them will to break them up by day/event. So if you don't care about what we did, you will not want to not bother ready the next 5-10 posts. Otherwise, enjoy NYC, Canada and Pittsburgh from our eyes.

There were a few hours to kill before we had to make our way to the harbor so we went to Rockefeller Plaza. We experienced the Nintendo Store, the Lego store (there will be a separate posting for these), the NBC store and the general vicinity. I think Steve and Nathan also had what they referred to was "the best hotdog ever".

We arrived on July 4th and I thought it would be clever to go check out some fireworks over the Hudson river. Funny mom...what was she thinking. We walked down to pier 90 for what was to be our great view. There were thousands of people there. An unexpected cruise ship and a mass of trees to obstruct our view. We attempted to watch the festive sky, but opted to leave early in order to beat the mass chaotic crowd out. After the trek back to the hotel, we enjoyed our first night of new york style pizza and called it a day.

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  1. I had not realized Hunter had not been on a plane. Well now she's a pro and needs to come visit me.