Sunday, July 25, 2010

Back up your blog

The other night, my heart sank after I hit a wrong key on the computer (not really knowingly) and my blog was lost in the horrible internet universe. All the memories and work that went into it....GONE. Fortunately, I had read the importance of doing the very simple task of backing up your blog. I had done this sometime back in June. I was able to import this file....hooray!!! Sadly, I had only lost all of summer, along with my blog being reinstalled in the new blogger form. And might I add, that I am not a BIG fan of the new blogger program. But this was better than losing the whole lot of posts.

The next day, still really bummed, I set forth on one last attempt to find my original blog. Success...i found it, but yet again, in the new blogger form. Happily, I frequent a variety of blogging sites often to learn tricks of the fascinating world. And I was able to return my blog to its old layout.

Thanks to Sneaky Momma Blog Design, I have learned a lot of helpful tips and needful advice. Hop over to Sneaky Momma to learn how easy it is to Back Up your blog.


  1. Glad you got your blog back. I love your new header with the photos.

  2. Thanks! I just did it! You taught me something today and I thank you!

  3. I am so glad that you got your blog back! I have always been worried about losing mine, and thanks for the tip--I just did it! and it was easy! yay