Saturday, October 23, 2010

Swimming and Oklahoma

The swim team traveled to Norman, Oklahoma yesterday for their meet today at Oklahoma University (OU). We drove up to meet the kids and watch the meet. Upon meeting some friends at the hotel, we left to meet up with our kids, who were bored and cranky at the Coaches Restaurant. I personally thought the food was good for a college hub.
Nathan and a group of his teammates waiting for some grub
Nathan doing his lip sync with his partner Matt who miserably let him down
Upon returning to the hotel, the team got together for some "team building" activities. Everyone had to participate in the lip syncing. I thought it was pretty enjoyable and the kids appeared to enjoy it more than they let on. After the kids were told to hit their rooms, Steve and I assisted the coach with rooms checks and watched as the coach taped the doors as a way of monitoring who broke the rules.

A little before the meet was supposed to start, we got a call from Nathan informing us that the meet might be cancelled due to lightening. So we rushed to the swim complex as quick as we could. Man, talk about some cranky kids again. They were all tired and wanting to go home.  However, us parents, came to see them swim and hoped the weather would cooperate.........

And it did.

Becky, Gail, Me and Kim
some of the dedicated moms who always follow the kids

Actually quite a few other parents traveled to see and support our team. 
Nathan relaxing in between events

I was pretty happy with how Nathan swam today. I do not know any of his times as the schools scoreboard was horrid and only recorded the first four swimmers....SIGH. We were all pretty annoyed. However, his butterfly form was looking strong. His sprinting in his relays wasn't all that bad. And for not swimming the backstroke in about two years, he did pretty well. Best of all, Nathan seemed happy with how he swam.

Two exhausted kids
Pam decided to ride home with us and the two zonked out pretty quick in the car. The drive home was pretty enjoyable considering mother earth decided to downpour on us. At the Oklahoma border, we stopped and introduced Pam to Carl's Jr.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Moping on the couch

This evening I came home to an extremely quiet house. It left me feeling empty and full of dread.

Nathan and his girlfriend Pam were off to a concert. Steve is at school like always...and even when he is home...he isn't fully here.

If this is what I have to look forward to in less than a year...


I am opting to stop time now (that way Nathan will always keep the house full of activity).

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Good 'Ol Family

With dad wanting to make some homemade poppers and me having a huge package of foot long hot dogs in the freezer, we decided it was time for a family BBQ. The weather totally cooperated and we had a ton of food. My dads jalapeno poppers were fantastic...i should have snapped a photo to make you drool. We also had smores for dessert. Here are some pictures from the afternoon in no particular order. Sadly, there are no photos of grandma, as she was watching Sunday football.

 Oscar and his pals
 Pam, Nathan and our two Georgia visiting dogs
Baby and Bella
 Roasting...or burning some marshmallows
 Axel joined us for dessert and crafts
 working on grandmas Halloween craft
Damon and Brody making their bats
or might I say Brody making Axel's
Lets not forget Diego and his little friend Diego the II

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Once Little Guy

Nathan J age 3 in April 1997 at Jodie's wedding

The first few months of school the school year is expensive. Especially having a senior.  The outflow of cash keeps going out and quick.  Between senior pictures,  swim team trips, lost equipment, yearbooks....
I always like when parents do the senior ads in the yearbooks and really want to have one for Nathaniel. 
I am trying to decide which pictures to submit and I am thinking that this will be one of them and then another from his senior photo shoot. I actually have one with him standing in the full tux if I can get it scanned into my computer....but even so, I think this one may still win. I have also been thinking about what to write that shows who he is and how I feel. I am seriously considering putting in his favorite quote. I was also thinking that it would be cool if the page had his group of close friends...Isaac, Matt, Mark and Nathan, but I have not heard back from the twins mom yet. I guess that I will have all of these answers next week. 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Too much swim team excitement

This sign was made by the boys
This past Saturday...we had our first official fundraiser of the season...and it was quite successful. Between, family, friends and the neighborhood we made a nice sum of cash.

Nathan trying to get someone with the hose
 Both the kids and the adults had a good time washing the cars and playing in the water. Well... except for one swimmer who Nathan poured a bucket of water on...and that is a whole other story.

Tyler and Bryce used their bodies as billboards
Becky and her friend

At this weeks meet, all of us volunteers were introduced to our new uniforms.....UGH!  Seriously, I never thought that I would have to wear a smock like this again after graduating from LVN school. Yes, sadly, in nursing school we had to wear Kelly Green aprons just like this. They were hot and covered all of our spirit shirts. It was obvious that the city/school district did not take this to the citizens for a vote.

Nancy Matthews, Becky Davis, Gail Stam and Me

This is why I like volunteering my time and energy. I have made some great friends and these gals are a  hoot to be around. Nancy is new to our group this year (and she is the one who got me my new job). And yes....we are sporting our new lovely attire....Sarcasm.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Busy Busy Days

Pumpkin Cookies that I helped Axel make

My days are totally filled right now....and I am content. This time last year, I would never have predicted that I would be working more days for less pay and during the day. I am. And I am happy doing so. I am trying to revel in the bustling of activity; as I know swim season will end in the mid son will graduate this coming spring and leave the nest next fall. And, even my Friday Pal, will one day not be he to will eventually have to go to kindergarten. Then I will be left with a lot of time on my hands dreaming of the times that I was beyond busy.

Today, I had my Friday Pal on Thursday. For the first half of the day, I was a spit fire of energy. We went for a morning walk with Thumper. Came home and made sugar cookie dough. At which time I taught him the joys of eating batter. We then went out back and started cutting back my Texas Lilac tree until I was stung by a wasp.....well make that four. It was then time to cut out and bake our pumpkin cookies. I then taught Axel how to use scissors and he practiced his cutting skills on halloween paper. By this time, Aunt Kelly was pooped and I decided it was time to implement quiet time so that I could take a nap.

Then I must have just puttered around, while Axel went between watching cartoons and practicing his new found cutting skills. Next thing I knew is that he zonked out for a nap. A little late for our quiet time.

Axel decided to take a nap on his pumpkin

The rest of the evening was spent with Nathaniel and Pam here at the house. all over the place with the two of them on the couch.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Can you pinch an inch?

Sadly I can pinch an inch on my belly, sides, thighs, buttocks and arms....and it all snuck up on me over a years time. Along with a twenty pound weight gain and an extra size up in clothing.

I have motivation and desire to gain my old body back. Or at least tone the one I now inhabit. It seems time is the evil prohibitor at this time...and would be wrong of me to not mention my love of eating.

I had started to get in the habit of going to zumba fairly early on Saturdays and was feeling good. Thinking that   one day was better than no day. Then priorities took place and I have not been able to work out for almost three weeks.

And yes, I continued to eat. Somehow, that is on the priority list.

Tonight, I revisited the gym and made it to a sixty minute TRIPLE EFFECT class followed by thirty minutes of an abs/stretching class.

And I FEEL GOOD! At least until I wake up sore.

The sixty minute class was a combination of zumba, kickboxing and cardio. I then stayed for the ab class where we used two different hand weights, one of those big balls and a stretchy pull thing. I am not quite sure I felt it in the abs, but most definitely did in the arms. I love Pat, the instructor, she has taught all the classes that I have attended. She is energetic, hot and sassy. Too bad I can't move and shake my bod like she does.

Sadly, I won't be able to make it to zumba this Saturday again, as I will be helping the swim team with their car wash. But after this week, I hope that I will be able to get going a little more regular in an effort to lose some of those inches and increase my endurance.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What happened to my swimmer?

swim season 2009-10

I am at a loss to what happened to Nate tonight at his meet....UGH. It was like a total regression to a long time the very first time he had ever swam his 500 free. His time was a set back to where he once was many a moon ago....GULP.

I could not hardly concentrate on my timing for the rest of the meet. Too many thoughts running through my mind. Wondering how and why he had lost such interest. Having to suck up my competitive pride and realize that I was glad that he was just swimming.

I mean, I knew he wasn't wanting to be the best... but this....not at all what I would have thought.

I rationalized that at least he was getting exercise, hanging out with his friends and allowing me to be with adults/kids that I enjoy....RIGHT?

And after all, how is it he should be doing when they have not had a coach for six weeks...and when they did have the assistant....all they worked on was sprints. And then it doesn't help that coach puts him in the 200 free before his 500. Nate can not stand this. 

Then as we were driving home and I was talking to him about the race...I come to find out, that he was totally clueless about his 500 time....YIKES. He did say coach asked him if he hated the event or was just out of shape? Nate replied that he was definitely out of shape.

So here is to some serious training since coach is back on deck. Well hopefully.

Either way, I love my swimmer.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Nate, Pam and the mums

Somewhere from Monday morning and the evening of the homecoming parade, Nathan and Pam went from "exclusively hanging out" to "officially dating"....and I am okay with this. She is a great girl and I love when she hangs out at the house.

Pam and Nathan sporting their mums especially for me
This gives a view of how long the mums are
Pam likes sporting around Nathan's fedora
an up close view of Nathans garter