Saturday, October 23, 2010

Swimming and Oklahoma

The swim team traveled to Norman, Oklahoma yesterday for their meet today at Oklahoma University (OU). We drove up to meet the kids and watch the meet. Upon meeting some friends at the hotel, we left to meet up with our kids, who were bored and cranky at the Coaches Restaurant. I personally thought the food was good for a college hub.
Nathan and a group of his teammates waiting for some grub
Nathan doing his lip sync with his partner Matt who miserably let him down
Upon returning to the hotel, the team got together for some "team building" activities. Everyone had to participate in the lip syncing. I thought it was pretty enjoyable and the kids appeared to enjoy it more than they let on. After the kids were told to hit their rooms, Steve and I assisted the coach with rooms checks and watched as the coach taped the doors as a way of monitoring who broke the rules.

A little before the meet was supposed to start, we got a call from Nathan informing us that the meet might be cancelled due to lightening. So we rushed to the swim complex as quick as we could. Man, talk about some cranky kids again. They were all tired and wanting to go home.  However, us parents, came to see them swim and hoped the weather would cooperate.........

And it did.

Becky, Gail, Me and Kim
some of the dedicated moms who always follow the kids

Actually quite a few other parents traveled to see and support our team. 
Nathan relaxing in between events

I was pretty happy with how Nathan swam today. I do not know any of his times as the schools scoreboard was horrid and only recorded the first four swimmers....SIGH. We were all pretty annoyed. However, his butterfly form was looking strong. His sprinting in his relays wasn't all that bad. And for not swimming the backstroke in about two years, he did pretty well. Best of all, Nathan seemed happy with how he swam.

Two exhausted kids
Pam decided to ride home with us and the two zonked out pretty quick in the car. The drive home was pretty enjoyable considering mother earth decided to downpour on us. At the Oklahoma border, we stopped and introduced Pam to Carl's Jr.


  1. How did Pam like Carls? What a great idea of the coach to tape the doors. Did anyone break the rules?

  2. nathan opened his door just to bother the coach as well as another guy room. no girls to my knowledge.