Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween, Family and Fun

Halloween has come and gone and it was a total blast this year. Steve and I were invited to a party. There was trunk or treat on Halloween Eve and family visiting from Georgia to enjoy the festivities. The only downfall is that teenagers don't receive a lot of candy and that means not much for me.

The tourist and the Ravenclaw student
thanks to Pam for letting me borrow her costume

Cousin Josh and Luigi, Steve and Mario, Aunt Chris and Frankenstein

Axel aka Frankenstein
Aunt Chris and Me
Oscar aka Luigi

BainShiShiGami or Defender of truth and love
Nathan is always creative and made his own costume

Diego aka Mario

Damon as a Ninja

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  1. Nathan's costume just scares me!!! :0) Glad you had fun.