Thursday, November 18, 2010

He's an Eagle Scout

Tonight, Nathaniel had his board of review and earned his Eagle Scout Rank. Hooray!!! This was a long time coming. And the saying is true that behind every eagle scout is a mother. I fully believe this (some boys are naturally motivated)....and....others need a good kick in the rear to finish this. So let this be my little personal hoorah.

Nathaniel actually did his eagle project around this time last year (video game drive for Cooks Children's Hospital).....and then procrastinated on his paperwork. Upon finally getting it wrote up and submitted, his board of review was scheduled last month.

He went. I was super nervous. They called his Scout Master into another room....for along time. I was more nervous. It was then agreed upon that more work was to be done and the review was cancelled.

In the end, Nathaniel submitted a good report and handled the interview nicely. And the board told both of us they liked his creativity and how he handled the process. Now mom gets to help plan the court of honor.

the council and two members from the ward who sat in with Nathan
(please don't look at how shaggy Nathan looks. Hair appt is tomorrow)
Happy mommy

Nathan (with his well known leather jacket) and Andrew (in full uniform)
Tonight, Andrew Colby, who has gone through scouting with Nathan also earned his Eagle Scout. His poor mom wondered if this day would Andrew did his project one year before Nathan....and turns 18 this month.


  1. Hurray for mom! Okay, Nathan too. :)

  2. That is awesome! You should be proud. Good work, Mommy! :0)