Saturday, November 27, 2010

Friday Pal turns Three

This evening we went to celebrate Axel's third birthday (real day is November 29th). Toy Story and Buzz Light Year was the theme. He was one lucky kiddo and had lots of friends and family to watch him open his presents and blow out his candles. It was fun to watch him this year and to see how he has the idea has sunk in....and he did not need to be prompted on the present thing.

Awesome daddy decorated his cake again and it turned out pretty neat. Mommy made the tasty treats.


  1. Happy Birthday to the Friday Pal!!

    My daughter is a Buzz and Woody fan, fact, if i have to watch any of those movies one more time, i may loose what is let of my mind. ;)

    LOVE the cake....did you do that?

  2. How can it be that he is 3 now?