Thursday, November 4, 2010

Upclose with the wild animals

Today we went to Fossil Rim Animal Park out in Glen Rose. For a few it was a repeat visit, but for the rest of us it was a new experience. Nathan and Pam were able to miss school and come and join in the fun. Having more than would fit in one car...we drove to the park in two vehicles....for the tour Nathan, Pam, Josh and I rode in the back of dads truck. We braved both the chill and the animals. I am not sure who had more fun? Those in the car where many of the animals tried to place their heads...or us in the back who had the potential to be ate alive...FOR REAL...the ostriches are mean!

We all loved the giraffes, zebras (until they started to outnumber us), the many horned animals....but definitely not the WICKED ostriches. Mom had made each of us our own bag of grain for us to feed. At the half way point we had some lunch and enjoyed the view. I was able to capture a lot of great pictures. Here is a sample with us humans.  I will do another post with just pictures of some of these cute creatures. 


Just a little cold and breezy

Today was Josh's birthday and he received a kiss
These cute things nibbled on a few fingers
luckily, none were mine
Aunt Chris won $5.00 with this, but I am not sure of the whole story there

Axel's expressions and excitement was great
The girls plus Axel

The zebras started to come in droves
The Guys

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