Friday, November 12, 2010

A Tile Finally Found

I had my dad remove our linoleum from our kitchen, laundry and bathrooms about two months ago. And it has drove me CRAZY. This has bothered me more than the time we went without carpet/flooring in the rest of the house.

Flooring has been a bigger project than I should have got myself into. We have had very little budget for this and I very much have BMW taste with a budget that is zilch. So for a time, I tried to ignore that our home always looks in disarray without the flooring completed. But as the Christmas holiday approaches, I knew that Santa could not come to my home like this.

Steve and I looked at Home Depot and Lowe's...but nothing even sparked an interest. A friend had offered us free tile (yes, I said free) and I had to turn it down as it looked horrible against the laminate. The tile itself was nice. So in one last ditch effort, mom and I were off to a flooring outlet and miraculously we found my tile.

The count down is on to this Friday when dad and I will start on the kitchen....and hopefully, dad and Nathan will be able to finish it and start a bathroom.

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  1. Where's the picture? I want to see what you picked