Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dads BBQ and Family

Yesterday was the last day for Grandma, Chris and Josh's visit here with my parents labored for a day and whipped up a delicious BBQ. It was a very enjoyable evening with the family and friends who were here. And this had to have been some of dads best brisket yet...not to forget that mom made a fantastic sweet potato pie (and other tasty sides as well).

I thoroughly enjoyed having my aunt and cousin stay with us and the time we all spent together.The only thing missing was Jodie and her family....SIGH.

I always love the extended visits that grandma has here too. I think it is wonderful for all the kids to get to know their great grandma (grandmama) like they have and to be able to build memories like this. I never really got to know my dads parents like I know my mothers mom.

mother and her daughters
Aunt Chris, Grandma (Joan) and Mom (Kim)