Monday, October 18, 2010

The Good 'Ol Family

With dad wanting to make some homemade poppers and me having a huge package of foot long hot dogs in the freezer, we decided it was time for a family BBQ. The weather totally cooperated and we had a ton of food. My dads jalapeno poppers were fantastic...i should have snapped a photo to make you drool. We also had smores for dessert. Here are some pictures from the afternoon in no particular order. Sadly, there are no photos of grandma, as she was watching Sunday football.

 Oscar and his pals
 Pam, Nathan and our two Georgia visiting dogs
Baby and Bella
 Roasting...or burning some marshmallows
 Axel joined us for dessert and crafts
 working on grandmas Halloween craft
Damon and Brody making their bats
or might I say Brody making Axel's
Lets not forget Diego and his little friend Diego the II


  1. A big 'ol family bbq? I so wish i was your next door neighbor, although i may have been with grandma watching the football game. :)