Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Can you pinch an inch?

Sadly I can pinch an inch on my belly, sides, thighs, buttocks and arms....and it all snuck up on me over a years time. Along with a twenty pound weight gain and an extra size up in clothing.

I have motivation and desire to gain my old body back. Or at least tone the one I now inhabit. It seems time is the evil prohibitor at this time...and would be wrong of me to not mention my love of eating.

I had started to get in the habit of going to zumba fairly early on Saturdays and was feeling good. Thinking that   one day was better than no day. Then priorities took place and I have not been able to work out for almost three weeks.

And yes, I continued to eat. Somehow, that is on the priority list.

Tonight, I revisited the gym and made it to a sixty minute TRIPLE EFFECT class followed by thirty minutes of an abs/stretching class.

And I FEEL GOOD! At least until I wake up sore.

The sixty minute class was a combination of zumba, kickboxing and cardio. I then stayed for the ab class where we used two different hand weights, one of those big balls and a stretchy pull thing. I am not quite sure I felt it in the abs, but most definitely did in the arms. I love Pat, the instructor, she has taught all the classes that I have attended. She is energetic, hot and sassy. Too bad I can't move and shake my bod like she does.

Sadly, I won't be able to make it to zumba this Saturday again, as I will be helping the swim team with their car wash. But after this week, I hope that I will be able to get going a little more regular in an effort to lose some of those inches and increase my endurance.

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