Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Too much swim team excitement

This sign was made by the boys
This past Saturday...we had our first official fundraiser of the season...and it was quite successful. Between, family, friends and the neighborhood we made a nice sum of cash.

Nathan trying to get someone with the hose
 Both the kids and the adults had a good time washing the cars and playing in the water. Well... except for one swimmer who Nathan poured a bucket of water on...and that is a whole other story.

Tyler and Bryce used their bodies as billboards
Becky and her friend

At this weeks meet, all of us volunteers were introduced to our new uniforms.....UGH!  Seriously, I never thought that I would have to wear a smock like this again after graduating from LVN school. Yes, sadly, in nursing school we had to wear Kelly Green aprons just like this. They were hot and covered all of our spirit shirts. It was obvious that the city/school district did not take this to the citizens for a vote.

Nancy Matthews, Becky Davis, Gail Stam and Me

This is why I like volunteering my time and energy. I have made some great friends and these gals are a  hoot to be around. Nancy is new to our group this year (and she is the one who got me my new job). And yes....we are sporting our new lovely attire....Sarcasm.

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