Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What happened to my swimmer?

swim season 2009-10

I am at a loss to what happened to Nate tonight at his meet....UGH. It was like a total regression to a long time ago....like the very first time he had ever swam his 500 free. His time was a set back to where he once was many a moon ago....GULP.

I could not hardly concentrate on my timing for the rest of the meet. Too many thoughts running through my mind. Wondering how and why he had lost such interest. Having to suck up my competitive pride and realize that I was glad that he was just swimming.

I mean, I knew he wasn't wanting to be the best... but this....not at all what I would have thought.

I rationalized that at least he was getting exercise, hanging out with his friends and allowing me to be with adults/kids that I enjoy....RIGHT?

And after all, how is it he should be doing when they have not had a coach for six weeks...and when they did have the assistant....all they worked on was sprints. And then it doesn't help that coach puts him in the 200 free before his 500. Nate can not stand this. 

Then as we were driving home and I was talking to him about the race...I come to find out, that he was totally clueless about his 500 time....YIKES. He did say coach asked him if he hated the event or was just out of shape? Nate replied that he was definitely out of shape.

So here is to some serious training since coach is back on deck. Well hopefully.

Either way, I love my swimmer.

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