Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Girl Time in Balboa

Last week I was lucky enough to go visit one of my best girlfriends (at her parents beach house) in Balboa. Three days and four nights was definitely not long enough...especially when we haven't seen each other in three years. Sadly, airfare just would not cooperate with a longer trip. 

The weather was in the mid 70's....a nice break from the heat wave we are having here in Texas. I was actually pretty cold at night and had to sleep with a sweatshirt.

Our days and nights were packed with everything from eating Mexican, dancing, painting seashells, walking the peninsula and visiting an old friend and family.

Tessa and her fabulous personality
Tessa and  I spent time together looking for crabs...taking walks...and just acting silly like almost six year olds and crazy adults do.

We went to the beach one afternoon to play in the waves and sand. I totally miss being close to the ocean. Tessa and I had a blast. Melissa stayed beach side and took pictures. Hopefully some will come my way after her vacation is over.
Devon (Phoebes aid), Melissa and me
a little goofy in the late night hours
Stacy and me on the waterfrontold high school friends
Stacy and I had reconnected this last year on facebook. I contacted her last minute from the airport to say I was headed her way. I was one lucky girl as she was able to pick me up one afternoon for a nice catching up session.
the crew at the Balboa Candy Store
we definitely spent a lot of time here

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