Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree

The past two Christmas seasons have been a drag and it was all I could do to muster my way through. But this year is different and I am back to my old happy self. We awoke today to a cold snowy day and Nathaniel crawled into bed with me. We both fell back to sleep and upon awakening for real this time, we decided that he was already late for school. My negotiating son convinced me that he should just stay home and take care of some business. A sucker I can be agreed, as long as we could get our tree decorated a day early.
We did have some business to take care of starting with going out for pancakes, buying some fancy paper from Hobby Lobby (English project) and Nate working on getting caught up on his seminary. Realizing we needed a was time to decorate.
Now this tree, Nate and I have tried to toss out the last two years (hoping to get a new one) and Steve always managed to bring it back from the curb. Disgusted we started putting up the ornaments and reminiscing of each memory and I suddenly realized the tree was not so bad. All the memories that it held. The tree itself also did not look too bad, with the exception of needing a tree topper, and we have not had one of those for most of our time in Texas. I will not place the tree on the curb this year in hopes that it will last through Nathaniel's senior year.
Happy early merry Christmas to all my friends and family!


  1. Looks good to me! We finally donated our fake one last year. Just got ours tonight. I love how you can see the little potty in the corner. :)

  2. Jenna was excited to see the picture of Thumper. We got rid of our ugly fake tree when we moved. Now we still need to go get a tree.

  3. funny melissa...thats axels booster seat. if i move it anywhere else he freaks out : )