Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Week Part one

Steve's dad Larry has come to celebrate Christmas with us this year. He only been to Texas one other time ( 2005 when Steve graduated from UNT). His first visit was short and sweet leaving no time for sites. Therefore, we had to make up for it with this visit. Larry arrived Saturday afternoon and it has been a whirlwind since then. Saturday evening we went to see the Radio City Spectacular with the Rockettes. The only picture we have is on my moms camera. I think we all gave it a thumbs up. Sunday evening, while Nathaniel was at work, we went to see Avatar in 3D (thumbs up again).

Having a teenage who now has a job, we have had to adapt our outings as to which ones Nathan would prefer to do during his off time. Monday evening (without Nate) we took Larry to the Fort Worth Stockyards. Everyone needs to see the cattle drive of the long horns at least once. And then we drove through Fort Worth for a tour of the city and sites.

Tuesday, we ventured to the Gaylord Hotel for the ICE exhibit. I had been real excited to do this with the guys (I had been a couple of years ago and loved it). Unfortunately, it was super crowded. Nate thought this exhibit was cool to look at but not worth the cost. I think Larry probably thought the same, but is way to polite to bust my happy bubble. Now, I know that Steve and I both enjoyed it.

Nate praising the Grinch

Nate looking like a bahumbug

Steve entering Who-ville

Larry looking jolly and maybe frozen

The nativity is one of my favorite parts of the ice exhibit
Again, without our son, we enjoyed Taco Tuesday with my parents and then came home to do nothing but lounge in front of bad television.


  1. We liked Ice when we went there. I want to see the Rockettes. Can't wait until next week when we will be in TX.

  2. I love the Ice Nativity, too. Sounds like you have been busy, yet having fun! Keep it up!!!