Friday, December 26, 2008

December in a nutshell

well my pictures uploaded from christmas day to the start of the month. oh well the story is all the same.

the family portrait of everyone in seattle taken via the web cam. it was great, they watched us (mostly the kids) open gifts. at some point, we ended up playing some sort of game with them.
i can not leave out a good early picture of steve on christmas morning. i have to admit that i forgot to get a family picture of us on this dayme, nate and thumper were all full of smiles as santa was good to us! i am also happy to say that nate loved the hat i bought for him!

a few of the charger swimmers that showed up to the holiday party. they were playing a gift exchange game that involved moving the gifts different ways depending on the words in the story....all i can say is hysterical watching teenagers.

Nate convinced me to take him out of school to go see the tv show extreme makeover being filmed. it was supposed to be the "move that bus" episode. after the filming kept getting pooped out (too frozen) i was off back to the warm car. well it was not too much longer that nate followed as he said the taping was to be delayed even longer. oh well, we don't watch the show anyways.


  1. The picture of us on the webcam came out pretty good.That was fun being able to watch you all. We will have to do it again next year, unless we can come and visit.

  2. Thanks for the update. I am in CA with the gang and we all just checked in on your blog. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love that you guys connected via webcam!
    Looks like a nice holiday was had by all.