Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Nathans 12-15ft Fall

taken right after they removed the c-collar

The hole in the attic and the concrete where he landed

Today my heart just sank as I watched my son fall through the sheet rock of the attic and land flat on his back onto the concrete floor of the garage. His story is a tad different as he said he landed on his foot first....the story of how it happens does not really matter though. All I know is that he is 6 ft and 200lbs and hit hard.

Fortunately, after he landed the nurse side of me kicked in, and I was able to remain pretty calm while holding his neck and calling 911 and my dad for help. I knew he wasn't paralyzed as he could wiggle his fingers and toes. At this point, I thought for sure that his back had to be broke. The paramedics came and took over....then I that I could have it together when I arrived at the hospital.

Nathan was a trooper in the hospital...more annoyed that they removed his clothes. Then relieved that they removed the cervical collar after his head/neck CT was negative . Hours later, the xray of his back was negative and the xray of his foot showed a fracture. The doctor told us it was his pinky toe...but then when he went to get up...he could not put any pressure on his foot. The hospital was not concerned which really irked me as both a nurse and a mom. Fortunately, I was able to get him an appointment with my foot doctor tomorrow morning.

Today was Nathaniel's lucky day. So much bad could have occurred today. He should have broke his back and he didn't. I know that the Lord played apart of this miracle. Hopefully the foot turns out to not be a big deal as he is supposed to return to school late next week.


  1. The pictures worked! Seeing that hole makes MY heart stop. I can only imagine the blood draining from yours as you watched. Nothing short of a miracle!

  2. I hope Nate is not feling too bad today!

  3. OH my goodness, Kelly!!! I am SO glad that he is okay. What a miracle. You are amazing to have kicked in as a nurse when it all happened--I would have been in hysterics. So glad he (and you!) were blessed.