Monday, January 16, 2012

Back to the grind...for some

Vacation has came to an end.... I am a little bummed. Yesterday, I did a marathon drive and took Nathan back to school. The car was loaded with plenty of water, pretzels, a new microwave (courtesy of grandma and grandpa), foot locker and plenty of pain meds, and whatever else he needed.
The drive down was pleasant. We saw a man and his kid riding a horse in the hospital district of Houston {weird}. Enjoyed a dinner together and made sure the kiddo was settled in. And somehow, I made it back without any new issue arriving.

Today, the house was again far too quiet...and...even Thumper was pouty all day. I started to rearrange/reorganize the house to keep distracted. It is definitely time to make it back to work. Hopefully, the foot continues to heal and a new job comes my way.


  1. I'm sorry your house is unpleasantly quiet. I am so relieved that mine is finally quiet once again. I love how different our lives are and yet we are so in sync. Wish I was there to disrupt your quiet. :P

  2. Sorry to read about all the trouble you've had with your foot. I am sure the empty house without Nathan is rough too-I am sure that is a big adjustment :(

  3. Just wanted to tell ya I had a REAL nice visit with Fran today :) :)