Sunday, April 3, 2011

Swim Banquet 2011

Last night was Nathan's final swim team banquet. It was very bittersweet for me. This was something that I looked forward to planning and putting on since the start of the year. However, it was not my destiny to put on the banquet, as the coach ended up with different plans. Anyways, after a bit of drama, I relinquished my role and planning and succumbed to the rumors and accusations that flew. Coaches vindictiveness did not end there, as she would not let three of the captains help with the planning or make the paper plate awards. Thank goodness Steve could not take anymore swim drama and kept Nathan at bay by not allowing him to do his "Paper Nate Awards". That could have been bad.

It was also bittersweet, as it means never going to the pool and watching my goofy son swim again. It is yet, another sign, that Nathan's senior year is coming to a close soon. And that means it is just that much closer to him leaving the home....{sob sob}.

With that being are some pictures from the evening. Enjoy!

Nathan and Pam before the dinner started 
The Captains
Dani Linde, Tyler Ellzey, Pam Coyle, Nathan
Nathan and Coach Wang
receiving his senior gift
Nathan Berg, Nathan (Nate) Wadkins, Pam Coyle, Tyler
They all lettered last year and are receiving varsity plaques
Pam and Nathan received "The Cutest Couple" award (or something like that)
The Family Picture
Forgot at the actual banquet..but remembered when we got home

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