Monday, March 28, 2011

Ramblings on a Monday night

nothing like a self portrait after a long day.
Not very glamorous
I must admit, that at the present moment....I am Bored stiff. Yes, that's right....Bored! I have the crafting and project bug in me bad. There are a few different projects to which I have started and a few that I would like to do in this head of mine. And, well, the weather is just not cooperating with me to get the ones I've started done. Then there is the blasted money issue of really needing to not spend (work was on the slower end for a while). Sigh...Ugh. What is this girl to do.

Last week, my car got broke into and the stupid thieves attempted to get into Nathan's car and now his driver side door is jammed closed. So tonight, I am stranded, as I let Nathan drive my car to work. Along with yesterday, Saturday and tomorrow night too. Not that he can't drive his car and crawl in via the passenger side. He does this at school...I just don't want him showing up for his job and be seen crawling in and out. I just feel terrible that the nova is in need of some serious repair. Anyway, this is keeping me from heading out Hobby Lobby and spending that money that I really don't have.

Last week the weather was so nice....70-80's. It gave me the gumption to work on my yard/planters. Mom and I cut down all of my beastly plants. The edging has begun and the front bushes and my planters are now crying for my attention. Only problem is that the weather changed to the 60's yesterday and I don't get a thrill working in the cooler conditions. And this was one area of focus that I wanted to have done before leaving for Seattle next week.

I am also falling into Zumba withdrawal. It has officially been 8 days since I have been to a class. I love my zumba time and the gals who come with it. Hopefully, nothing will come between me and my Wednesday evening shake my hips session. However, I did buy a set of 5lb hand weights and a medium fitness ball. I should consider taking the ball out of the box and inflating it for use.

Enough rambling now. Daylight has turned to darkness and I will change into something comfy and attempt to find something to watch on TV.


  1. This is when you need a good book to read. I would be gardening in 60degree weather :) Don't forget to pack your jacket for coming here next week.

    As for the crafts you can make Jenna more headbands.

  2. Was wondering if Zumba really works? I heard my cousin's wife is into the whole thing but I have yet to try it...