Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Keller ISD Film decide (part one)

Nathan and a couple of classmates entered and had films choose to be featured in the 2nd annual Keller ISD 2010 Film Festival. There were eight different categories (with three different age groups) that they could enter. It was very exciting last month when we found out that one of his three films entered was selected. Nathan has really enjoyed his computer classes and has a teacher that lets the students use their creativity.

However...while we were waiting for the evening to and I realized that we were in for a long night. And then the evening began...The host/teacher/director of event worked hard at trying to be funny. He was accompanied by two girls in very unflattering evening wear that tried to follow suit with the humor (sadly they came across as dingy).

Nathan and his classmates entered the animation category. Nathan's film was a flash film titled "The History of  a World" by "Nasty" Nate Wadkins. I wish that I could upload his film because it is very much Nathan. It is not too late to connect to the school site for a viewing. If your real player doesn't work, try another computer...its worth your watching.

The other Central guys that were in the category are as followed:
"Itchy" Isaac Dalton with his "Techno Chase"
"Stonewall" Jackson Bigsby with his "Normal Thoughts"
"Bubblegum" Beau Begole with his "Devil Eyes"

Now we had to tolerate the K-4th grade categories {UGH!}. Like these youngins really did these on their own. In fact a couple of the same little girls that kept winning, thanked their daddy numerous times for doing these films. I told mom that she had raised me wrong in the fact that I have always had Nathan do his own projects (assisting when needed). I really believe that they should just dump this group for future festivals.

The next age group was 5th-8th. These were not too bad and some really good. The night was coming to an end when we were all surprised that Damon had entered a film and not told anyone. We wondered if he even knew that he was in one.

So Damon Warr, Noah Hellard and Casey Jones entered "The Last Irish-Mexican on Earth". To be honest, I have only seen the snippet from last night, so I will have to go back and watch it.

The evening was muddling along was some entertainment and then it took a serious nose dive (that should have been handled far better). It was the animation category and everything was flowing and then they announce Isaac's name and someone else's film. They did not have his. Poor Isaac....what does one do. Especially with all of his classmates screaming that they have the wrong film and get ignored.... Isaac patiently waited until the end, when he dashed up on stage to try and correct it via 17 yo style. To only have the host smugly laugh and say "yeah, we'll show it sometime..." What was that and how inappropriate for a teacher. Now Isaac was the first to admit that it wasn't about winning. However, he had his family and friends there to see his film and they got someone elses.

Now throughout this night, the host/teacher/director, had two different sets of girls who had a film chose for every category. And these girls won numerous times (no one knows who the judges were). Funny though that they were cute. And yet, they could not get Isaac's film correct. Then the kid (5-8) who won peoples choice had a lame film, but had lots of family voting all the way from Italy.

Anyways, I am glad that Nathan made it....and most of all...that his film was actually his. These guys are all winners in my eyes.

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  1. I am constantly amazed at how many parents do their kids projects for them and do their home work for them too. My poor kids have to do all their own work.