Thursday, March 24, 2011

Eagle Scout Court of Honor

Last night, we finally held Nathaniel's Eagle Scout Court of Honor. This evening has been in the works for many years. He started the Boy Scout journey when he was 12 and was ready to quit when he was around 15. But being the mean parents that we are....we made him continue as he had come to far to not finish. After all was said and done....we think he is quite happy to have reached this accomplishment.

Chris Colby - Master of Ceremony
 Nathan really wanted Chris to be the master of ceremony and had wanted Chris to "Roast" him. Lets just say that like most things that my son does...its hardly ever conventional. 
Nate pinning on Steve's pin
sorry for the blurry picture
 Every time a scout advances a rank, mom is given a pin. It isn't until the scout earns his Eagle Rank, that the father is given a pin.

Pinning on Nathan's Eagle Rank pin
 I was given the privilege of pinning on Nathaniel's Eagle Scout pin

Nathan chose Scout Master Bob Tucker as the person who he would give his mentor pin to. I agree that Bob  (and Patty too) helped Nathan immensely with everything that scouting entailed and earning this rank. But along with Bob, were many other leaders, scouts and friends that all played a part in getting here tonight.

the cub scout bridge
 In our cub scout den, the boys would cross this bridge and sign their name with each rank advancement. Nathan decided that he wanted it at his court of honor and to be able to graffiti it one last time.

In full Eagle Scout attire.
A site that we may never see again

Nathan's Court of Honor was far from traditional, but it made for a fun evening. Many friends and family came out to show their support...and I was very grateful for that. Now it is up to Nathan to remember the skills that were learned and the memories that he gained as he starts his next phase in life.


  1. Good job Nate! And you too for helping him accomplish that. He started scouting at 12? Jake is only 9 and has been in it for 4 years. Oh and our pack does give out trophies-not all kids get them.Jake has just lucked out and got one every year.

  2. nate started cub scouts when he was 8...but boy scouts starts at age 12.

  3. Congratulations Nathan! I can't wait to get our first Eagle Project finished so that we can start on our second, and then a third, oh wait... and a fourth! Luckily Mark is on top of it since I only had sisters and Girl Scouts!