Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Film Festival Conclusion

Now after the festival was over....Isaac had gone on stage to try and make the audience aware that they did not show his film. The way he went about could have been a bit different...but he is 17. But this was to be the beginning of the drama. Nathan, mom and I left and found out today.

After the festival, each entrant was provided with feedback and score sheets from the judges. While at school today, we come to find out the following:

Isaac and Beau were not provided with any comment/score sheets. Were there films even judged? No one will answer.
Then Isaac was pulled into the principals office where they demanded an apology for going on the stage at the end to make the audience aware. Isaac chose the three day suspension as he refused to apologize to them. But where was the apology to Isaac?

They should have apologized to he was the only one out of 284 entrants to not have his film showed. They could have handled this more appropriately seeing these are leaders to our kids. Call me funny....but how do we expect our kids to act if this is the example shown by grownups (let alone leaders).

Was the film festival fair. Maybe some parts...the entire process...I would have to think twice. During the week of voting, mom had gone to vote on what was to be the last day, only to find out that they closed the voting early. The reply to moms email was vague...we chose to close it early...we hope that you got to vote...{hmm}. Between that and what happened to Isaac...I'm not so sure.

On a good note...Nathans comments and scores were pretty good and he seemed pleased. Also, this suspension probably won't keep Isaac out of college. As many of the colleges got a kick out of Nathans three day suspension for donuts.

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  1. I wish I could have seen Nate's video and Damons' too. Did Damon even know he made a video?