Tuesday, November 4, 2008

in school suspension....really!

tonight nate broke the news to me that he has two days of in school suspension starting tomorrow. what led to this....donuts. last week, nate and three other swimmers walked across the street to the donut shop after morning swim. against the district rules...yes. but to his parents we say lame. however, rules are rules. coach had sent us an email stating that if it happened again consequences would occur. i guess coach mentioned this to the principle and well he said suspension this time. coach is regretting this as they have a big meet friday and now the boys can not practice after tomorrow. lets say coach is not happy now as she is big on never missing practice......and four good students will be missing classes. i wonder....were the donuts and the getting upset really worth it?


  1. Some times things don't really make sense. It's not like they were causing trouble. But I guess rules are rules.

  2. That sucks! Why do the good kids always have to set the example!?! Not fair!