Sunday, November 2, 2008

too much halloween excitement

Halloween was filled with a lot of chaos and excitement! it was quite an adventure seeing a group of teenage guys enjoying the night

(Lt 2 Rt)
Matt, Issac, Mark, Nathan and Trent
getting ready to leave for teen guy trouble

Damon did not join the family for the night. he was off with a friend

Oscar and Diego ready to trick and treat before the tired crankiness kicked in

hunter, mrs k., mary and the un-named doctor
at trunk-n-treat
later that night the teen girls went out to cause some good girl trouble

the aftermath of Halloween night the following morning!

halloween was almost a bit too busy for this mom this time around. trying to juggle one too many kids. the evening started off with nate having an orthodontist appt at 4pm that brought quite a bit of bad news....humhum...parents don't schedule appts like this on halloween. we rushed home to find out more kids were coming and i was not quite sure steve would make it home in time for trunk-n-treat. nate and i were trying to figure out who would be tied to the roof of the car. after trunk -n-treat it was a race home for nate to meet the guys at the house. so off went all the teens guys in one direction, girls in the other. taking the younger ones out in the neighborhood. off for free chipotles. back home to drop off kids at their houses and gathering the guys together for their trip to chipotles. These guys are all about free food! alll i can say is exhaustion hit at the end of a long evening.


  1. You may be tired, but it looks like they enjoyed every second of it! Way to go mom!

  2. We had both groups of teens stop by for some trick or treating. They were all great! Now it's time to breath deeply and get ready for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Hold on!

  3. It looks like fun was had by all -- well, maybe not you, but in the kids' book... the night was a hit. ;-)

  4. Sounds like just another day in your life. Always busy!

  5. Hey, did you take me off your list? I haven't seen any of these latest entries. I guess I have to start looking for them like everyone else? And what do you mean, no one reads your blog? You have more followers than I do!!!