Sunday, April 3, 2011

Nathan is headed to....

It was around this time last year that Nathan and the parents started the college search. We traveled to Iowa and Illinois with Nathan being totally against a Texas school. We toured some great states and campuses. Nathan has been recruited by some people very good at their jobs. Nathan was accepted into all of his schools to which he applied. Iowa had been the plan from the beginning. The original first pick was wiped out they wouldn't cough up enough of an incentive. A second trip back to Iowa, landed Nathan a pretty good financial package to the school to which I was sure he would pick....against my real desire. It wasn't until the end of December, that we had convinced Nathan to pick a state school as a back up. And last minute it we scrambled to get everything submitted in time to be considered for financial awards. And then a trip to Houston for a tour of the campus and reception for the Honors College.

I was nervous (and still am) as to how we were/are going to help pay for this soon to be experience. But, I really wanted to have Nathan closer to me. To remain in Texas, to where it would be easier to come home or for me to see him. I was afraid of the grants going away at the private school and not being able to help with the difference. But, I/we wanted Nathan to make the decision on his own. And he did....and I know it was not an easy one.

Nathan chose the University of Houston and the Honors College. The dorm application has been submitted, the math placement test is done and Honors Summit application completed. This week will be signing up for new student orientation and hopefully two last scholarships that will come through. Then it is time to breathe a SIGH of relief for a few months with the college topic.


  1. We will have to make a few trips to Houston!

  2. YAY! For Nate! I know he will love it there.