Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Damons Day

For Damons Christmas and birhtday gifts this year we decided to take him to see the Harlom Globtrotters. With the typical patients of a now 10 year old, his day finally arrived. With the promise of a free tshirt that was supposed to arrive in the mail prior to the game (came 2 days late), a train ride that was almost missed (procrastination on leaving the house), we finally arrived at the American Airlines Center. The fun...and the expense began. First purchase $25 tshirt. Finding our pretty great seats. Off to the snack bar for his $11.50 hotdog and drink. The first half of the game and then off to find cotton candy. The last half of the game and the announcement of the autograph session at the end. This leading to the purchase of the $25 basketball.Nothing better than a footlong dog!
The family portrait with "Big Easy"
Practicing his moves while awaiting the next train

A relaxing ride home, picking up Nate to join us for a meal at Chilis, I would say it was a great day! and i am glad that we had the $$$ means to treat Damon to a special day.


  1. You are the best Aunt and Uncle ever! How fun!!!

  2. Globetrotters... now you are talking fun! That would be a blast... I did not know they still performed?

  3. You know he had a great day! Love that he is bouncing the ball that he got the autograph on.