Tuesday, December 21, 2010

December thus far...

I had such grand hopes and desires for this years Christmas season. This year was supposed to be extra special since it is Nathaniel's official last year of having to live in my nest. With that being said....I hope he continues to come home when not away at school....another worry for another day.

We do not have any real traditions that I have passed on and that he will pass on. I mean, I start listening to Christmas tunes the day after Thanksgiving and torture him for the month. I have a tree up and kindly make him feel guilty if he doesn't help me decorate it. I usually decorate the house...but I don't think my guys really care? And I usually make sugar cookies and other treats to eat and share. We do usually get a new yearly ornament....and well....I can not remember if we picked one up in 2010....{tear tear}

This year, I am not sure what has happened. And the month has flown by more quickly than I would have liked. AND lets not mention how stressed and high strung I am....argh.

Is it that I am now working days and more than I am used to. Or is it that I am so worried about making everything perfect in an attempt to have fond memories for Nathan? Or my worries about the future...lack or funds....or.....

So with this being said....here is some of the things to which has been accomplished this holiday season.

We had our girl party with an amazing turn out
Potty training....and at first it was the adults against the three year old
Pam helped Nathan and I decorate the tree
an actual picture of me even if it is a bad quality
I put on a swim team dinner (sorry turnout) but all those who came are great!
We went to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra
Many of the gifts still in store bags begging to be wrapped and placed under the tree
My simply decorated mantel with Larry's (father-in-law) stocking now replaced with a "P" for Pamela

What I haven't done that I always like to do.....go see Christmas lights, bake with a kid or two, have my dinner already fully planned, way more holiday decorating done in the house, shopping finished with  gifts wrapped and many more bad holiday shows watched.


  1. We are seriously behind on getting our act together for Christmas this year too. We have to plan our dinner still, go see lights and so much more.