Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The kiddo is ready for UH

who would have thought the boy scout foot locker would come in use again
  It did not look like much once we started packing everything up

The past two weeks have been spent collecting STUFF for Nathaniel and his dorm. Thanks to graduation gift cards and money...many much needed items were easily purchased. It was pretty impressive, as the items started piling up on the dining room table and floor. I meant to take a picture of that and of course forgot. I can only imagine how it is to get a girl ready to leave the nest with the amount of supplies, clothing and anything else they can think of would be. Nathan was a little too easy and unconcerned with packing. I am sure that once we get to the college and leave our son to his dorm...that one of us will remember something that was forgotten. And hopefully, that will not be the only reason he decides to call his mom.

So renters insurance is taken care of and first payment of the semester made today. The blazer is packed and ready to go.It is about a five hour drive to Houston. Early check-in (for those going to Honors Retreat) is tomorrow from 10-7. The meal cards will not work until the weekend, therefore, the kiddo has asked that we feed him dinner before we leave.

I can not believe that my son is of age to embark on this new adventure. I know that he is ready...too bad his mom is not quite sure that she is. No choice though...as UH awaits him.


  1. How exciting. Best of luck to both of you on this new adventure. :0)

  2. How exciting for Nathan! Now I guess that just means you have to come visit us more often.

  3. How exciting for Nathan....but i totally understand how "un-ready" you feel. I am sending my little one off to preschool on Tuesday; when did she become old enough for that?!?!

    Be kind to yourself...and remember, he's taking you along (in a way!) on this new, fun adventure!