Tuesday, April 8, 2008


i felt bad for all my cousins and other relatives at the funeral. it was obvious that they had a great relationship with grandpa. he had a very important and active role in their lives. i on the other hand just took it all in. grandma and grandpa warr, were not very active in our lives. i knew they loved me...but for what ever reason...the relationship was different. i often thought that i imagined all this until about 2 years ago when grandpa came to texas. one day, nathaniel and i were taking grandpa to get lunch. during the conversation of the afternoon, grandpa proceeded to apologize to me for the past years of not spending with us and viewing us as different. i told him that it was okay and that i knew he loved me and the day went on.

i was able to reflect this past week of the memories that i do have. mostly consisting of holidays, but sweet they are. i have very little regrets on this part of my life. i believe blaine and leona are both back together happily in the heavens above.

as for the day, i really enjoyed seeing everyone and getting caught up on life. one might say that my uncle eric and i never left the table with all the food. as the evening wound down, some went to the movies and others went hot tubing. neither sounded like a good option as i had an hour drive back to my father in laws. i stayed behind and spent some time just chatting and listening to summer, porter, sidney and i think tanner talk about their lives and interests with school. we then an attempted a game of pictionary and off to riverside i went.

the rest of the weekend was just as nice. larry treated me to three great meals and pleasant conversation. i was able to see grandpa "whitey" squires and fran while watching a session of conference. i also spent a little time with my parents who were temporarily away from their mission site.

a safe plane trip home and now its back to the grind....hoping for no more funerals any time soon!

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  1. I know it meant so much to my mom that you were able to make it to the funeral. I truly enjoyed our private conversation and I know how special YOU are! Love ya tons, Jen